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Do you really print on Fabric??? Yes, we print on a custom fabric that is made specifially for us for its ability to resist wrinkles and accept our dye-sublimation process.
Is there only one type of fabric that you use? We use quite a few different types of fabric, some are more flexible while others are thicker and are more for outdoor useage. We have a new fabric that we can directly doubleside print onto without needing 2 separate fabrics and a blocker fabric, as well as a few varieites of mesh fabrics for flags and outdoor banners.

Is the fabric removable from the display?

Yes, all of our fabrics are removable. Most are held on by very strong velcro that is double-stitched to the fabric for strength. This makes changing the look of your display quite simple.
Can I clean the fabric? Yes, you can clean the fabric - not all stains are removable though.
How can your fabric be wrinkle-free? It is how the fabric is woven and the materials used to make it. Wrinkle-free fabrics are used for our Fabric Murals as the frame "compresses" down in a latticework, making the final display easy to transport. Should you need to, YES you can iron the fabric, just be gentle and do it on a very low setting.
Is the fabric UV light safe? Our outdoor fabrics are made to resist UV fading, but are not free of the effects that UV rays result in over time. The fabric will fade over a very very long period of time, so we recommend not leaving the displays in direct sunlight all the time.
Do all your products come with carry bags? Not all products come with carry bags. We also offer optional hard-cases for shipping.
What's the biggest size you can print? The sky is the limit... fabrics can be sewn together to make enormous murals.
Do you print in CMYK? RGB? We print in 6-color CMYK.
Can you print Pantones? Yes, we can print Pantones. They are recommended for all logos or anything you require to be color matched
What resolution do my images have to be? All images have to be 100 dpi @ 100% resulotion.
Can I upload my artwork to you? Yes, please contact us via the "contact" link asking for FTP instructions and they will be emailed directly to you.
What is your production schedule? Turnaround time? Our production schedule is 7 business days from final approval of your artwork.
Do I get to see a proof before printing? Yes a PDF proof will be emailed to you for final approval prior to printing.
What is covered under warrenty? We warrenty any product with a manufacturers defect, ranging from a faulty frame to a sewing / finishing flaw with the fabric. All products are hand-inspected for quality to ensure that only the best result enters your hands. Damage to frames due to misuse or stains on the fabric are not covered under this warrenty program.
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